lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Socialism in four hours
We are closer than ever to that other possible world which has been spoken of so much. There is, within our hands’ reach, a peaceful, immediate and free solution to end unemployment, poverty, financial speculation, overexploitation of labor, social unrest and environmental degradation that afflict us.
But even so, as close to the solution as we are, it is far from certain that we will use it.
It is highly probably that we will walk past it, without realizing, and that we will continue on the path that leads to the abyss. Academics seem to suffer from a curious blindness with regards to this. Businessmen, pushed by ruthless competition, propel ships towards the bottom of the pond instead of seeking the surface.
But we have us, everyday citizens, and our numbers are in the millions. There is no force on the planet capable of stopping us. With the strike, or the worldwide chain of strikes –absolutely pacific and democratic, of course– we will pull a formidable lever that will change things and bestow us, finally, the benefits of free time and a better quality of life that the technological revolution once promised us and that, rightfully, we deserve. 

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